Hello, I'm Cristian Gradisteanu, a Software developer and Entrepreneur.

A couple of years ago I discovered my passion for teaching and became a full-time Udemy instructor. The biggest goal for me right now is to motivate and inspire others through the form of knowledge. If I can inform someone of ways to achieve a healthy mindset or production solution that makes their life easier, I can officially say that I've done my job.

My passion is to figure things out, then teach people how to do it in an easy, step by step way.

Technology no longer has to be complex and hard to understand.
I want to make things easier for you.

I love doing what I do and I always work hard to improve my skills.

Online Marketing & SEO

Security & Pen Testing

Mobile Apps development

Web development


Information Technology

College, Bucharest, Romania


Electronics and Telecommunication

Highschool, Constanta, Romania

Learning School

Learning School

Personal Learning School

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Stack Social

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